Packing, Unpacking, and Organizing

Packing and Unpacking

Once a house is sold it’s time to pack everything that is still in the home! I have moved nine times (one of those moves included my husband, three kids and my mother-in-law and two cats). My most recent move involved downsizing from an 8-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom home! Additionally I have packed and moved my offices with a staff of (up to 30 people) four times. One move was to temporary quarters during a renovation of the office; another when we returned to the completed office. So, I have a lot of experience packing and unpacking boxes. I think my one-day record was 40 boxes of books!


Packing is a great time to edit out clothes, books and other household items that are not being used, whether you are downsizing or not. They make great donations and deductions at tax time and limit the amount that has to be moved, saving on moving expenses too!


Sometimes when a loved one has passed away, family is too far away to work on packing up a parents’ or grandparents’ home or apartment. I can work from lists to divide items for shipping to different family members, sort and arrange for donations (I frequently work with Purple Heart because they will pickup!), etc.


I will leave the furniture to the movers, but all breakable items will be wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue paper. You will need to supply the boxes and wrapping materials (I don’t recommend newspaper), but I am happy to arrange to purchase these items for you and deliver them to your address, then you reimburse me for the cost, I don’t mark-up any items. All you pay me for is my time.



Closets can often use an overhaul, especially if your house is going on the market. Odds are there are items in your closet that you haven’t worn in a few years, don’t fit, or have passed their style expiration date, and this includes footwear.  I can work with you to make these decisions so we can put together a donation box and create some space! Out of season clothes can also be sorted and stored in boxes or baskets.  Hanging the clothes neatly in sections for tops, pants, skirts, jackets, etc. and on matching hangers, will make it easier to find what you need and make the closet feel more spacious.

Organizing Reviews and Testimonials

“Lisa came to my home to help me organize our master closet.  We have a huge closet but managed to have no room in it. A few hours of Lisa's time gave us space I didn't know we could get without getting rid of one article of clothing.  She has great ideas and works quickly. I highly recommend Lisa.”  Melissa G.


I Can Help you organize many areas of your home! I have done garages, basements, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, play rooms, living rooms, and helped people create filing systems and organize paperwork.


"Lisa is a bit of gold! We stumbled upon her in the process of moving in to a small house shared by my sister and me. Lisa jumps right in without comment and organizes everything. She transforms space and manages to squeeze everything into small, manageable spaces. She takes direction from you and is very flexible as to your end requirements. Definitely give her a try.” Sarah H.


"Lisa was very efficient; did a great job with a difficult garage organization job." Nish D.


"Lisa came to my home to help me with a sea of papers. She sorted and filed all of them. She worked for two hours. Lisa arrived on time, and called me when she was on her way. She is pleasant and professional. I will certainly hire her again." - Nina R.


“Lisa transformed my living room. When friends and family walked into my living room they commented on how good the room looks and they tell me they like my new entertainment center. I didn't buy a new entertainment center. Lisa repurposed my bookcase. She has a great eye for interior design. The room is better organized and feels more spacious. I feel much more comfortable relaxing there now. Lisa arrived on time with energy, enthusiasm and worked nonstop. She is very professional and does a great job. I would definitely hire her again. Thanks for bringing more order into my living space, Lisa!"  - Danielle E.