Home Staging for the Real Estate Market

I am an Accredited Staging Professional trained by Staged Homes.com ® which is the premier accredited designation for professional Home Stagers and Realtors® in the real estate industry.



Curb Appeal

Before you list your home for sale, take a look around the outside of your home. Whether you are selling a modest home or a manor house, landscaping is a big part of your curb appeal. Ideally your lawn is relatively weed-free, green and maintained with regular mowing. Neat mulch beds, even in the winter will show that you have taken care of your property.


Outdoor ‘rooms’ need attention too. No one wants to see broken furniture, bicycles or torn and faded fabrics on the front porch, nor neglected shovels, rakes, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. left in weeds in the back yard.


The entire household has to be willing to keep a house tidy, because you never know when a showing will be scheduled. Sometimes you’ll have enough notice to run around and pick-up odds and ends, other times not. Therefore kitchens and bathrooms need to be monitored daily. Antibacterial wipes are perfect for the quick touch-ups in these areas. Floors and carpets need to be swept and/or vacuumed often.  You are trying to allow potential buyers to see themselves in your home. Dirty homes are a distraction and can suggest a home is difficult to maintain or that it lacks basic maintenance. Buyers with health issues like asthma and allergies are especially sensitive to dust and pet dander, will appreciate dust-free surfaces,  recently cleaned air ducts /vents and frequently changed air filters.


Closely related to cleanliness is clutter which can come in many forms.Personal collections displayed throughout a home can be distracting to buyers, not to mention they take up space…which you are trying to maximize in order to sell your home. Since you are planning to move, pack-up and store your collections. You may even want to consider renting storage space to declutter storage areas! The phrase: Less is More, is particularly true when selling a home!


Toys are another form of clutter. It is ironic that a potential buyer may be looking for a larger home to accommodate their growing family, but they don't actually want to see toys and kid stuff in every room they walk through. A dedicated play room still needs to be monitored. Toys on shelves, in buckets, storage containers, baskets etc. make a better impression than not being able to walk around a playroom without stepping on game or puzzle pieces. Tripping hazards can not only lose you a sale but potentially expose you to a lawsuit!


Take a look around your home, are there missing or burnt lightbulbs in ceiling fixtures? Non-working light bulbs may not be a big deal for homeowners, but buyers want to see bright, well-lit spaces throughout a house.  You can also replace low-wattage bulbs for energy efficient bulbs that give more light for less cost. While replacing bulbs, make sure lights and shades are clear of dust, cobwebs and bugs (dead or alive!).  This goes for ceiling fan fixtures too. 







Another lighting tip is to look at the lampshades on your lamps: Dark colored lampshades lessen the brightening effect of soft or bright bulbs. Lampshades with cracked plastic liners and stained or torn fabric all detract from a buyer’s first impression of your home. 



Décor and Personal Pictures

Since you are not selling your family, it is best to remove most personal pictures from your rooms. One or two smaller photos are okay.  Political pictures and artifacts could turn off a buyer from an opposing party, and nude artwork  is a no-no too!


We all have a personal style when it comes to decorating our homes, but when it comes to selling your house you want to appeal to the widest selection of potential home buyers.  Houses that are decorated with strong influences of style, whether it is Shabby Chic, Cowboy Rustic, or personal heritage styles and art, can take longer to sell. You may be lucky and find a buyer with your exact taste, but it could take several weeks or months. There can be a balance between your taste and preparing your home for the real estate market, and this is where a home stager can really help.


In addition to providing sellers with helpful hints for staging, I also offer help to get your house ready to list. We can work together to declutter closets, pack collections for safe storage and moving, rearrange some furniture and other furnishings for more coordinated spaces, etc;  I Can Help you to find items, like draperies and hardware and help with installation; and finally I am able to rent some of my decorative items, bedding, pillow, artwork and small furniture collections to show a room's full potential. 

Feedback from some of my happy staging customers:


“The site said, “I CAN HELP!” and YOU SURE DID!!!!  I can’t believe it, but with your help, the house sold in 14 days. Your wonderful ideas and hard work helped us sell the house for more than the list price.  My husband and I heartily recommend you to everyone as a home stager that really knows how to do the job.” Elaine R.


 “Lisa is amazing and she really knows her job. She came to my home to show me how to arrange my furniture and organize my home before I listed it for sale. I did exactly what she said and my home was on the market for only 2 days and it went under contract. Thank you Lisa.” Gideon O.


“It has been my pleasure to work with Lisa in the staging of my new listings.  When I do an analysis of the homes that Lisa staged vs the homes that weren't staged, the staged homes sell for more and sell faster than the un-staged homes. Buyers today want to walk in and buy a turnkey home and they are unable to see the possibilities when homes are cluttered or "lived in".  I would recommend Lisa for all staging needs.”

Diane Donnelly, President, The Donnelly Group,  Inc.


And sometimes people just want some help settling into their new space:


"Lisa came to my new home to give me pointers on decorating and placement of furniture. She realized that I needed some bar stools and within 3 days, Lisa contacted me and had found some that were just what I was looking for - and at a bargain price! Thanks, Lisa!" Cindy S.

“Lisa had some great ideas she shared during an initial walkthrough, then followed up with a number of additional ideas. She is a good listener and was able to adjust her suggestions to my preferences. Even better she offered some new ideas that I had not considered. I Can Help! helped me work through the clutter of a move toward creating a vision for my 'forever' home."  Mary D


“I have just moved into a house and was trying to figure out where everything should go and where they would look nice. I have lots of pictures to hang and didn't know where to put them all. Lisa was very helpful. She made observations and had ideas that never occurred to me. She also took me shopping and helped me find some very nice things for my home. “ Jeanne L.